Always one of the best gifts you can give. Relaxation + time for themselves = a healthier, happier person! 


Olympia WA

Gail is going to be Off Island! 

Aloha! I will be in Olympia, WA from May 31 - June 10

Appointments on Maui will open back up on June 13

If you need to reach me please send an email as I will be mostly away from my phone. 

Happy Summer!! See you soon!! 

Spring Time Special

Massage & Fitness training go hand in hand when you're looking to optimize your health. At AromaStone & REPS you will receive personalized, professional attention with the goal of helping you become stronger, healthier & more resilient. Marjo at REPS Fitness is a former world class body builder with many shows & prizes under her belt. She has been one of Maui's top trainers for 20+ years. She believes safe, fun & effective workouts are the best way for you to move into your full potential. Gail has been a practicing massage therapist for 20 years & has been incorporating essential oils & hot stones in every massage her entire practice. Recently CBD balm has been added & the positive results are amazing. Her intuitive approach to sports massage is highly effective yet deeply relaxing. Try to schedule your massage right after a workout to maximize the benefits of both. 

Massage and Train Special


1847 South Kihei Road #203

Kihei, HI 96753

Next door to REPS Fitness


Please leave a message with your name & day / time you would like massage. 

[email protected]

I will be off island May 31 - June 10